Why Regent University?

Regent University offered a unique perspective in undergraduate studies. Christ-centered leadership and biblically centered classes develop students professionally and personally. The campus is beautiful, and I soon found that my professors and my fellow students exuded enthusiasm and dedication to the Lord and their educational pursuits. Classmates prayed with me and for me; studying became a group effort towards excellence and not just another homework assignment.

Why Online Learning?

I was 21 when I started the online learning program at Regent University. I had the opportunity to dual-enroll in a local college while in high school, so my associates degree was partially complete when I graduated in 2002. I hit the ground running by working full time after graduating from high school, attending night classes to finish my associates degree. I guess I got used to the schedule, and when it came time to find a university to transfer to, I knew I'd want a flexible format that would allow me to continue in my professional endeavors.

Why A Business Degree?

My degree is in Organizational Leadership and Management. I chose this concentration because of the unique mix of business strategy and leadership development. In choosing a degree program I wanted one that would emphasize the "people" part of organizations and their strategic development. Some degree programs focus primarily on the financial and strategic side of business development, but Regent stressed the importance of the organization's people and the effectiveness of biblical leadership.

Business Degree


It's looking quite stormy and dark outside, where I can see the wind shake the trees and plants outside of my favorite window at Starbucks. It's actually looking quite scary outside. Interestingly, the weather is matching my mood right now. I'm somewhat torn between going out and doing something fun and being mellow and thoughtful. The weather, too, seems indecisive.

Today I took my LaceyDog for a walk and I'm planning to take another one later. I spent a few hours studying last night so I'm pretty much caught up for school, although I'm doing another assignment now. We are writing about affirmative action and I admit that I know very little about this issue, except that I know that schools use it to keep the school environments diverse. I hope I learn about how this affects human resources!

I feel a bit like a fish at my little window, because anyone who comes into Starbucks looks in. I'm the only one sitting here right now and I guess I look deep in thought because no one is talking to me! Which is fine...

Yesterday I heard that Randy and Paula White, the highly publicized and somewhat contraversial evangelists here in Tampa, are getting divorced. My heart goes out to them, not necessarily because I know them, but because they will have to go through this in the public spotlight. Apparently, the two have grown apart while each has been pursuing their ministry opportunities.

You know, I don't always get great advice from Starbucks baristas, but one time in particular I remember one telling me that we, as men and women trying to find love, are like triangles. We are far apart from each other, but as we reach towards God (the top of the triangle) we in essence become closer to each other. I thought about this as I read the paper's report on the impending divorce, and I felt saddened. In the article, they speak highly of each other. Paula even says that God comes to us in our darkest hours: apparently, the two are expecting some dark hours ahead. I find this situation troubling and I even have a hard time grasping the meaning of their decisions. I must point something out here, and not because I have any special insight into the matter, but because I feel that this is right: I really feel that the two could have demonstrated to their congregation (and the world) that hard times fall on even the most glamorous and apparently happy people. They could have acknowledged their problems and sought help. They could have separated for awhile. But this apparent breakup, this dividing, this clean cut, "we're done" and we're going to move on type of attitude really makes me question their true devotion to anyone or anything: including the ministry.

I think it's funny that people walk by and look at what I'm typing. They think I don't know, but I can see their reflection as they look over my shoulder. Not that it matters: I'm on the internet!

Well... I better get back to my HR studies.