Why Regent University?

Regent University offered a unique perspective in undergraduate studies. Christ-centered leadership and biblically centered classes develop students professionally and personally. The campus is beautiful, and I soon found that my professors and my fellow students exuded enthusiasm and dedication to the Lord and their educational pursuits. Classmates prayed with me and for me; studying became a group effort towards excellence and not just another homework assignment.

Why Online Learning?

I was 21 when I started the online learning program at Regent University. I had the opportunity to dual-enroll in a local college while in high school, so my associates degree was partially complete when I graduated in 2002. I hit the ground running by working full time after graduating from high school, attending night classes to finish my associates degree. I guess I got used to the schedule, and when it came time to find a university to transfer to, I knew I'd want a flexible format that would allow me to continue in my professional endeavors.

Why A Business Degree?

My degree is in Organizational Leadership and Management. I chose this concentration because of the unique mix of business strategy and leadership development. In choosing a degree program I wanted one that would emphasize the "people" part of organizations and their strategic development. Some degree programs focus primarily on the financial and strategic side of business development, but Regent stressed the importance of the organization's people and the effectiveness of biblical leadership.

Business Degree

Feeling Thankful.

I don't know... maybe the rain makes me think deep thoughts. It rained downtown today, and I guess this post is just about how my day was. It's not very deep. I started to think about how thankful I am, and especially now that God has opened my eyes again to the beauty and the blessings that I have in my life.

I'm thankful that I have a beautiful office. I have a skylight that looks down two stories; my office is the only one directly under it. When it rains it pitter patters on the glass and yet I don't get sleepy. Rather, my creative side comes out and I get maddd amounts of work done! And it's cold out. Cold enough to leave my bedroom window open; when I sleep, part of my arm stays out of the blankets, and I love that cold breeze that I can feel. I had lunch at my favorite French restaurant; the cafe has windows on three sides, and it was so enchanting to watch the people come and go in the rain. Such drab colors, though! I commented to my lunch companion that Floridians are never prepared for cold weather, and it shows: Most people looked like they dragged their jackets and coats from the back of their closets. That is when it is super fun to wear my bright, fire-red jacket. Tomorrow I am wearing a bright green shirt with a peacock on it, and my gold tall boots! There are only a few days out of the year that it is cold enough to wear them.

The day went by fast. I'm learning some new things and having some new challenges. My job has changed, somewhat, and I cannot help but feel that the new challenges are stretching me in ways I've never felt before, and in a good way. As I write this, my sweet little fluffy dog jumped in bed next to me. She is somewhat perturbed because she got into my purse and was starting to chew a piece of Orbit White gum before I told her to spit it out.

I'm thankful that God has been faithful to me, coming and picking me up when I thought He wasn't hearing me. I'm thankful that I have a future, wherever I will be. I'm thankful that I still believe in the things that have been so harshly hidden, and although I cannot see what lies ahead, I know I am stronger because of this. I must believe that whatever has been given to me, whatever has been taken away, was maybe never mine in the first place.

More tomorrow. I have an idea, and I just might write a book about it :)